What Is Pick and Pack? What You Need To Know

pick and pack

Are you eager to learn what pick and pack is?

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Pick and pack is a type of order fulfillment that warehouses and distribution centers offer. It’s a time of order fulfillment that is often used by ecommerce retailers that receive smaller shipments instead of larger ones. This process involves pick and pack distribution centers and their workers finding the needed quantities of each product. From there, workers pack the items in boxes or envelopes, which will be sent out to specific customers.


Here at Evolution Fulfillment, we offer pick and pack services, particularly for brands in the jewelry, cosmetics, fashion and footwear industries.

In the next section, this article will outline the benefits of a pick and pack system.

Benefits of Pick and Pack Distribution Centers

The first benefit of utilizing pick and pack services is that customers appreciate the variety of options for their business. Business needs for any brand can change and the needs of their customers may change over time as well.

Secondly, having a sound pick and pack process can boost your distribution center and/or warehouse’s efficiency. It can speed up a number of fulfillment processes and it helps goods move out of your space as quickly as possible.

The next benefit of pick and pack processes is that they are relatively cost effective. The right warehouse management system can help organize the entire system and ensure the storage and fulfillment of orders are being done correctly.

The last benefit of utilizing a pick and pack system is that it’s accurate. When you’re fulfilling orders for your customers, you can’t afford to send them the wrong thing. The accuracy of your pick and pack team must be completely accurate, then. This can be achieved with an organized warehouse and trained workers, ensuring your customers have a good experience whenever they interact with your business.

Evolution’s B2B Order Fulfillment Services

The Evolution team specialize in the retail distribution experience; shipping to thousands of retail locations, in the United States and Canada, including major retail chains and smaller independent stores.

We adhere strictly to routing guides, ensuring that we are in compliance with the end customer’s requirements and meeting their expectations on your behalf. Whether it’s UCC-128/GS1-128 labeling, EDI communications, ASN confirmations, required data on attached paperwork, product or carton labeling, max pallet dimensions, truck scheduling or delivery windows and deadlines, Evolution knows what it takes to ensure that our customers are viewed as operations professionals, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Evolution also understands that not all retail distribution programs are alike. The business-to-business (B2B) fulfillment services that we provide vary greatly within our client base. Evolution will customize a program to fit the commodity and the customers’ needs with a variety of services available including case pack, pick and pack and cross dock. Our value added services offering additionally includes custom labeling, kitting, complex assembly and special packaging options.

About Evolution Fulfillment

Evolution Fulfillment provides eight turnkey services to advance your North American distribution strategy – which you can choose independently or combine for full effect – to ensure on-time, accurate, and efficient product delivery into all sales channels.

If you’re interested in learning more about our 3PL services in Canada and in the US, visit our website at www.evolvewithus.ca.