cross border domesticated shipping

Save money with our shipping solution 

Do you regularly ship light, low value goods from Canada to the US?

Save up 46% or more on your shipping costs compared to Canada Post by taking advantage of a tactic called “cross border domesticated shipping”.
Using our cross border domesticated shipping service, many smaller packages get bundled by Evolution Fulfillment and then shipped over the Canada-USA border as a single shipment under one manifesto. After your parcels clear U.S. customs, they are then separated and injected directly into the domestic postal system, the United States Postal Service (hence the name ‘domesticated’ shipping). It's a smart shipping solution that can chop your shipping costs in half (read our case study to learn more about how it works).

Key Benefits

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LOWER YOUR SHIPPING COSTS: Get access to wholesale USPS rates.
FASTER DELIVERY: Get product to your customers sooner.
IMPROVED TRACKING: Individually trackable parcels with more granularity than some other shipping options.
ETSY & SHOPIFY INTEGRATION: Integrate your Etsy or Shopfiy store directly into Evolution’s warehouse management systems.
OUTSOURCE THE HASSLE TO US: Evolution will handle all the warehousing, freight, cross-border paperwork, logistics, etc.

How it all works

Cross border domesticated shipping works best for the Canadian e-tailer that sells and ships light weight, low value (USD$800 or less) parcels to US customers. There’s an added advantage for those who use Etsy or Shopify: Evolution Fulfillment can integrate directly into these ecommerce platforms. Here’s how you can ‘domesticate’ your shipments and get them directly into the USPS at wholesale rates using Evolution Fulfillment as your trusted 3PL partner.

The Process

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COLLECTION: Evolution Fulfillment will collect your US-bound packaged parcels at their fulfillment warehouse in Delta, BC (just 18km from Vancouver International Airport and just 32km from the U.S. border) or you have them dropped off.
CONSOLIDATION: Your parcels, each valued at USD$800 or less, are consolidated with other parcels into one cross-border shipment with a single manifest. Evolution handles all the warehouse, freight, cross-border paperwork, logistics, etc.
INJECTION: Your parcels – each one individually trackable – are then injected into the domestic shipping service via USPS.

Cheaper, faster delivery and better tracking

The end result for you is a more cost-effective cross-border shipping solution; one where you don’t have to worry about customs paperwork, warehousing or freight. You save money by getting wholesale USPS rates AND each of your parcels remains individually trackable, giving you the granularity that you and your customers need.

Is it right for you?

Cross border domesticated shipping works best for the Canadian e-tailer or entrepreneur with the following characteristics:
  • Is well established with gross revenue of greater than CAD$250K per year*
  • Sells physical goods to U.S. customers
  • Goods are light weight and low value (less than USD$800 per parcel)
  • Values detailed tracking dataValues fast delivery times
  • Uses ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Esty, etc.
*MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Please note that Evolution Fulfillment will only accept inquires for this service from companies that have surpassed or are trending towards gross revenues of CAD$250K per year.

Getting started

If you’re a Canadian company that ships light, low value goods and you meet the minimum requirements (CAD$250K / year), then we invite you to book a consultation call with our fulfillment experts. We’ll learn more about your business, get into the finer details of how about this service works and share with your our pricing.

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