Outsource your IT, customer service and accounting to us

Outsourced accounting services

Either in a supporting, fully or partially outsourced capacity, the senior accounting team at Evolution is available to assist in the following areas:
Business registration
Accounts payables / payment processing
Bank and Credit Card reconciliations
Tax remittance & filing
Bank deposits
Insurance reporting
Sales Rep/Agency Commission processing & payment
Administrative Support Services – Receivables & Credit Management
The dedicated accounts receivable team at Evolution will collect your invoice payments from your retailers on your behalf. Our personable and customer service approach ensures that the retailers have our clients at the top of their payables list. Having an onsite connection between your receivables and shipping staff ensures that accounts of concern or credit holds are not shipped before a resolution in payment is reached.

You will have a transparent view into the team’s collection progress by way of a weekly report and bi-weekly conference call to ensure that decisions regarding accounts can be made quickly and effectively.

Using our proprietary credit management portal (Silverback) we will manage the application for terms and credit by your customers. Our close relationships developed over the years with trade referees gives us advantageous insight into the credit performance of your current and prospective accounts. We will manage the credit data to ensure that it remains current to the satisfaction of any institution which is being used to insure your receivables.

Outsourced customer service

Great customer service is the lifeblood of any business. At Evolution we pride ourselves on handling every customer contact efficiently and effectively. We always strive to give your customers an unparalleled customer service experience from the time the order is taken to the delivery of the finished product. Some of the available services are:
Inventory allocation
Contacting customers to obtain shipping authorization
Order administration
Notifying customers of PDC and COD pick ups
Administering Advances Shipping Notifications (ASN) or special customer shipping requirements
Pre – shipping season preparation including order acknowledgements, cancellation notification, issuing welcome packages and confirming payment terms.
Maintaining customer relationships and fielding customer issues
Processing Return Authorizations Requests & Credits
Administrative Support Services –Forwarding, Brokerage & Logistics
Once you have been notified that your goods are produced and ready to export, our on-site broker and freight forwarding staff at Evolution’s facility in Kent, WA can help manage the goods directly from your suppliers dock. As this facility is also bonded, it means that your goods can be shipped from overseas in a single container, split in bond and customs cleared in their market destination. Any duties and taxes due, are only paid once in either the US and/or Canada as applicable and are calculated at first cost.

If you have already appointed freight forwarding and brokerage suppliers, Evolution can work with your suppliers to ensure the timely and safe delivery of your commodities to the warehouse.

Outsourced IT services

With on-staff technical service and programming professionals, we are able to provide the highest level of IT customer support. We are actively integrated with some of the leading industry cloud based e-commerce software including Nu order, Brandboom, Shopify, Spree and Magento.

We are the first point of contact for the Blastramp Warehouse Management software for all of our customers and are integral in the onboarding training and ongoing support of the system.