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About Our Transloading Facility & Service

Evolution Fulfilment has a dedicated transloading facility located in Delta, British Columbia, Canada that is perfectly suited for providing an efficient transloading service. While we are based in Vancouver, we can provide our clients Canada-wide reach for transloading needs through our trusted network of 3PL partners across the major transportation hubs and ports of Canada (Toronto, Mississauga, Montreal, Prince Rupert, Port of Halifax).  
Transloading Warehouse in Delta
Cross Docking Warehouse in Delta

About Our Cross Docking Warehouse & Service

With our dedicated cross docking warehouse in Delta, BC, we have the infrastructure and expertise to efficiently handle your carton or pallet cross docking needs for any goods coming into Vancouver, BC and throughout Canada and the United States (Washington, California, etc); using our nationwide network of proven 3PL partners. Having a reliable cross docking company ready to receive and warehouse your goods will save you money by eliminating the high container rental fees charged by the shipping carriers. When your destination is ready to receive your goods, you can count on us to get them there.

If your needs go beyond straight cross docking, Evolution Fulfillment also provides the following order fulfillment services at additional costs:

- Pre-packed carton order fulfillment
- Pre-packed pallet order fulfillment

If you're new to the world of cross docking, visit our blog to learn more about what cross-docking is.

Our Strategic Location

Nearby Ports, Airports & Border Crossings

From Evolution Fulfillment to... Transit Time* Kilometers Miles
The Port of Vancouver 45 minutes 30 km 19 miles
GCT Deltaport 20 minutes
20 km
13 miles
GCT Vanterm 40 minutes
27 km
17 miles
DP World Vancouver 40 minutes
28 km
17 miles
DP World Fraser Surrey 20 minutes
28 km 10 miles
Vancouver Airport (YVR) 25 minutes 21 km
13 miles
Peach Arch / Douglas** 30 minutes
30 km
21 miles
* Calculated using Google Maps’s “car directions” at a 12pm on a Thursday; rounded to nearest 5 minute mark.
** Canada-USA border crossing 

Nearby Fulfillment & Distribution Centers

From Evolution Fulfillment to... Transit Time* Kilometers Miles
Amazon YVR1 & YVR2 20 minutes 15 km 8 miles
Amazon YVR3 25 minutes
23 km
14 miles
Amazon YVR4 20 minutes
16 km
10 miles
MEC*** 25 minutes
16 km
10 miles
Hudson’s Bay Company*** 20 minutes
19 km 12 miles
Winners/T.J. Maxx*** 15 minutes 12 km
7 miles
VRR Altitude*** 150 minutes
142 km
88 miles
* Calculated using Google Maps’s “car directions” at a 12pm on a Thursday; rounded to nearest 5 minute mark.
***Distribution Centre 

LTL/FTL Freight Times

From Evolution Fulfillment to... Transit Time****
Los Angeles, California 3 days
Toronto, Ontario 7 days
Montreal, Quebec 10 days

We’re seeking long-term partners

While we welcome customers with a one-off need for transloading and cross-docking services, we prefer to establish relationships with companies playing the long game of business growth. If you’re looking for a long-term partner who’s committed to your success within the North American market, then we want to have a conversation with you to see if we’re a good fit for each other. Contact us today to have that conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact Jonathan Tchao, GM, to request a quote for your specific situation.
  • Companies with moderate-to-high volumes that whose needs are predictable and can be scheduled and resourced.
  • Companies with recurring, periodic or seasonal needs (as opposed to those with one-off needs).
  • Freight forwarders looking for a long-term partner in Canada.
  • Non-Asset Logistics companies looking for boots-on-the-ground in Canada.
  • We do have the capability to handle pre-packed carton or pallet order fulfillment, though it would come with additional fees on top of the cross docking fees.
    No, we do not currently handle hazardous nor perishable goods.
    With our network of partners, we can service all the provinces in Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon).
    Please contact Jonathan Tchao, GM, to check about current or near-future capacity.
    Evolution Fulfillment owns and operates multiple warehouses in Delta, BC and has 3PL partners throughout Canada available to warehouse your goods.
    If you can forecast your volume, allowing us to plan and resource for it, we can most likley handle it. Get in touch with Jonahtan Tchao to discuss your specific needs.
    We strive to achieve your target turnaround time; which we find is often influenced by how well your needs can be forecasted and planned for.

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