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As Western Canada's top-rated 3PL, Evolution Fulfillment specializes in B2B and e-commerce solutions for established fashion, footwear, apparel, cosmetic and jewelry brands seeking to professionally grow their presence in the North American marketplace. 
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Our Services

Brand Fulfillment
Brand Fulfillment
A turnkey alternative to the traditional distribution model that keeps control – and margins – in your hands. Learn more about our innovative fulfillment solution. 
Cross Border Domesticated Shipping Service 
Imagine shipping directly to your US customers in a way that’s both cheaper and faster? If you’re a Canadian brand with $250K+ in annual revenue, explore our cross border domesticated shipping service. 
Amazon Fulfillment
Amazon FBA Prep Service 
Gain access to the massive marketplace that is Amazon without the hassle or headaches of fulfilling orders. Learn more about our outsourced Fulfillment by Amazon and related order removal service. 
B2B Fulfillment
B2B Order Fulfillment Service 
A wholesale pick and pack service that adheres to strict guidelines and is customized to suit your logistical needs (pick and pack, cross docking, etc). Learn more about our B2B order fulfillment service. 
B2C Fulfillment
B2C Order Fulfillment Service 
A direct-to-consumer (DTC) ecommerce pick and pack service with same day turnaround and a polished consumer experience.  
Administration Support
Admin Support Services 
Focus on your core business by outsourcing your accounting and financial processes. Whether its accounting, customer service, or IT programming and support, our team is available to assist.
Transloading and Cross Docking
Transloading & Cross Docking 
​​Gain a reliable, experienced 3PL partner who is committed to your long-term growth
Evolution Fulfillment- Returns Management
Returns Management
Avoid the distraction and hassle of inevitable product returns, learn more about our reverse logistics service.


Our pick and pack warehouse is strategically located right in the transportation nexus of Vancouver, BC, Canada, providing our clients turnkey reach to the entire Canadian and American marketplace; including the know-how, industry connections and integration expertise to get your brand into Walmart, Costco, HBC, JC Penny and more.
Logistical and supply chain capabilities are table stakes for any established 3PL. If your plans to growth require a polished customer experience, deep systems integration, strategic advice and operational expertise on how to optimize your manufacturing, distribution and sales cycles, then go with the gold standard 3PL.
This is our golden rule. Ingrained in our company culture - from the very top to the warehouse floor - is to always act in the best interests of the brand. The fullest expression of this value is our Brand Fulfillment Model, whereby we essentially act as an integrated, trusted extension of your company.


Would seamless order fulfillment combined with a polished customer experience eliminate hassles and headaches? Would better systems and integration open up access to the Majors? For serious businesses looking to expand their presence in Canada and the United States, Evolution Fulfillment’s reputation proves that we are one of the best order fulfillment companies in Canada. If you are ready to make the leap to the next level, then we invite you to come to Evolve With Us!
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Frequently Asked Questions


We have found that can make a big difference for clients who are roughly met the following criteria: - Minimum of 2500 outbound units per month OR 500 pallet moves per month. - Value tight systems integration OR value-added fulfillment services OR seek lower 3PL/warehousing costs versus current solution. - Have price points that can support the relevant shipping costs. - Have ongoing needs (versus a one-off need). - Have multiple sales channels (e.g. ecommerce store, wholesale partners, Amazon, major retailers such as Walmart, Costco, HBC). - Have strong, established business operations with aspirations to grow their reach into North American markets.
Evolution Fulfillment specializes in professional ecommerce and wholesale order fulfillment services for brands and wholesale distributors looking to distribute to customers in Canada or the United States. We manage the entire order fulfillment process, including supply chain management, receiving inventory, warehouse management, and customer order processing. We also offer exceptional customer service, real-time tracking, and pick and pack fulfillment solutions. We offer the following specific distribution & fulfillment services: - Wholesale (B2B) order fulfillment service - Ecommerce (B2C/DTC) order fulfillment service - Transloading & cross docking service - Amazon FBA prep service - Cross border domesticated shipping service - Reverse logistics (returns management service - 3PL warehousing service* - Other fulfillment-related admin support services* - Brand Fulfillment Model (a specific combination of services) *These services are only available to our order fulfillment clients. We do not offer them as standalone or one-off services - -
Our expertise lies in the handling and fulfillment of a wide range of products, particularly for fashion, apparel, cosmetics, and jewellery sectors. We are also equipped to manage subscription boxes and large-volume orders.
We do not currently accept dangerous or perishable (food or refrigerated) goods.
Our fulfillment center is strategically situated just 20 minutes from the US border, allowing us to minimize transit time and expenses. This advantageous location, combined with our advanced warehouse management system, empowers us to provide rapid shipping options, including same-day delivery.
Yes, at Evolution Fulfillment, we provide real-time tracking capabilities. Our clients can monitor their inventory and shipments at all times, ensuring complete transparency and control over their eCommerce business.
Please contact us to request a custom quote for your needs.