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Easy access to a gigantic growing marketplace

Focus your time on growing your business, not fulfilling orders.
Amazon is the largest ecommerce retailer in the world. Amazon is also the #1 seller of clothing in the U.S. and the 8th largest overall retailer in the world.

Amazon is continuously growing. Faster, in fact, than traditional heavyweights like Walmart. Tapping into this massive and growing sales channel is obviously a good move for growing your business, but becoming Amazon-compliant and prepping your products to Amazon FBA specs comes at a cost: Your time.

Let us take care of all your Amazon FBA prep, leaving you free to focus on your core business!

Keep the sales flowing

We promise quick turnaround on making your products and ready for fast commerce.
Our modern, IT-enabled warehouses in Delta, BC, Canada and near Seattle, WA, USA are finely tuned for fast processing, inspecting, shipping and prepping your goods for Fulfillment by Amazon: Packed, labeled, Amazon-compliant and ready to go in bulk to Amazon’s massive fulfillment centers. Quick turnaround is our promise to you.

Our full-service Amazon FBA package includes: sorting and individual packing; poly bagging; multi-packs; Amazon labeling (UPC, inserts, etc); freight handling; and, guidance on setting up or complete management of your Amazon Vendor Central account.

Unbeatable rates

Better shipping rates and better Amazon FBA processing prices than our competitors.
Thanks to volume discounts and our tight relationships with freight companies, we’re able to get the best shipping rates compared to what you would be able to negotiate on your won. We also believe our pricing model is ultimately a better deal for you compared to our close competitors. In fact, we have such confidence in our pricing model, we’ve compiled a chart comparing our Amazon FBA rates versus our competitors to save you the effort. Another example of Evolution Fulfillment’s commitment to saving you time so you can focus on your core.

Amazon fulfillment services

For Canadian customers - eliminate exchange rate shock and unnecessary cross-border costs.
Canadian customers looking for Amazon FBA warehouse locations in Canada will benefit because you get billed in your local currency, not US dollars. That means no nasty surprises from the daily fluctuations in currencies. Also, because you ship your goods from within Canada to our Canadian warehouse, there’s no duties, custom charges or extra freight costs that normally occur when shipping goods across the US border.
For US customers - ship to our US warehouse and avoid cross-border costs and delays.
With warehouses on both sides of the border, we can offer the same Fulfillment by Amazon services to American customers as we do to Canadian customers and with the same benefits: No exchange rate costs; no border delays or duties; faster turnaround times and you get billed in U.S. dollars. You simply ship your goods to our U.S. warehouse near Seattle, WA and we take care of the rest.

Amazon fulfillment removal services

Let us take on the hassle of removing orders from Amazon.
Save on Amazon’s long-term storage fees by using our Amazon order removal service to get your product into our warehouses and back to you.