Turn key alternative to outsourced distribution

A better North American distribution strategy

Evolution is a different kind of North American distributor. That means we think differently about the challenges you face.

We have established a turn key alternative to the traditional international outsourced distribution sales model that we call “Brand Fulfillment”. This alternative allows US & international designing/manufacturing companies to enter the US and Canadian markets without relinquishing brand control or giving up valuable margin points to distributors. With your customer in mind, we have created a streamlined process to ensure that your customers will focus on enjoying your product, without the worries of managing the importation process. Your company retains complete control of your brand’s marketing message and your customer list.

Our outsourced fulfillment service takes care of the management of your wholesale & consumer distribution business, allowing you to build the market directly through third party domestic sales agencies. With Evolution support staff employed as an extension of your own staff, you will retain sales and brand control of your products at a significant cost savings, while ensuring the highest level of brand focused customer service.

Advantages of the Brand Fulfillment Program

Marketing & Brand
Sales Representative
Sales Performance
Brand Exposure
Customer Service
Full-cycle Inventory Control
Web Store Management
Warranty & Returns Management
Invaluable Customer & Product Sales Reporting
Payment Processing &
Cash Flow Management

Traditional Distribution Models vs. Brand Fulfillment Model

The Direct Model

With the direct distribution model (where a brand carries it’s own inventory and ships directly to the consumer), you have full control over the entire value chain and gain complete transparency into your customer base. But it comes with a huge investment and, especially for a small brand, a huge distraction from your core competence of designing, producing and brand building. Time and money evaporate away as you hire local staff, find a warehouse and then figure out American or Canadian laws, import tariffs and currency issues.

The Distributor Model

The traditional distributor model (where a brand partners with a third party logistics (3PL) warehouse) works well to quickly get your brand into new markets. You find a distributor, give them exclusive rights to sell your brand in that territory and go back to focusing on building your brand in your home market.

But for key markets, the distributor model has inherent flaws that restrict the control you have over the growth of your brand or, in the worst case, ruin your brand in that market. The brand-distributor relationship, by its very nature, leaves you unable to influence key elements. The distributor owns the relationship with the retailer. They control the customer lists, the sales data and determine how much marketing effort to put into your brand. Ultimately, they control the destiny of your brand in their given market


The Brand Fulfillment Model, pioneered by Evolution Fulfillment, is a new model that blends the best – while leaving out the worst – of the direct and distributor model. Under the Brand Fulfillment model, the brand maintains complete control over retailer relationships, including transparency into key sales data, control over sales & marketing and greater influence over end-consumer pricing. This is fundamentally different from the distributor model, where control over your brand ends once you hand over the inventory to the distributor. Another big advantage is the impact the Brand Fulfillment model has on the bottom line. Like the direct model, the Brand Fulfillment model enables brands to remove the middleman layer and increase the all important margin.