Evolution Group of Companies Named New Sponsor For BC Parks Foundation

Evolution Group of Companies | BC Parks

Delta-based Evolution Group of Companies is happy to announce that we have signed a sponsorship agreement with BC Parks Foundation. As the official charitable partner of BC Parks, the BC Parks Foundation is leading an expedition to create the best park system in the world. They do this by working with you to protect, enhance and sustain our parks, while inspiring and connecting people to them.

The non-profit was created in 2017 and began operations in 2018. While the Foundation itself is new, the combined track record of board members and staff are impressive.

“I was frustrated with the amount of deforestation in many parts of the world and the impact that was having on our environment and animal habitats. I was excited to find out that there was a local organization diligently working to protect our forests and the habitats and was inspired to hear that other BC business leaders were supporting these efforts. I immediately wanted to get involved and do my part to save this essential resource,” says Ben Martin, President and CEO of Evolution Group of Companies.

BC’s parks are iconic and core to being British Columbian. As a BC-based company, we understand and appreciate this beautiful province and want to keep it beautiful, while also contributing to the economy.

“My family and I truly love this province and love spending time hiking, kayaking and exploring our provincial parks,” says Ben.

BC Parks Foundation’s mission is to “enhance and pass on the legacy of British Columbia’s world-class provincial parks by catalyzing support and resources so that they flourish forever”. Their primary role is to promote and support public interest, engagement and involvement in parks and encourage others to contribute.

For Evolution Group of Companies, it’s about protecting our home.

B.C. is home to the highest diversity of life in North America. We are home to iconic species like salmon, bear, elk, caribou, lynx, moose, bighorn sheep and whales. Some of these creatures only exist here on this planet, and others stop here on their terrific, long, international journeys.

“As a business person, I know that my success has been fostered by the people and environment that I am fortunate enough to operate within, and that cultivating this environment is also my responsibility. B.C. has been good to me and I’m always excited to find ways to give back,” says Ben.

Our team is truly excited about this new partnership and believe that our two organizations can work together to create a better BC for all.

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