Brace Yourself For More Amazon Shipping Delays Amid New COVID Restrictions

Do you find yourself waiting longer than usual for your Amazon orders? Well you’re not alone as people all around the globe are dealing with Amazon shipping delays, including right here in Canada.

Amazon Canada shipping delays and further delays impacting global Amazon deliveries can be partially blamed on lockdown measures impacting the Chinese city of Shenzhen. Shenzhen is China’s tech hub and just recently got out of a seven-day lockdown that has disrupted global supply chains. Work has resumed in Shenzhen, but as we saw last year with the Suez Canal blockage, it could take weeks or even months for industries to catch up.

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Shenzhen is responsible for almost half of China’s online retail exports and these restrictions has a serious impact on big online retailers like Amazon and Walmart. There remains worries that other large-scale COVID-19 breakouts could occur in the future, which leaves supply chains and distribution networks in a tough position. China’s government has put in place strict border controls and extensive testing requirements that will continue to impact Amazon orders and shipping across the world.

COVID-19 & Global Shipping Delays

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was first declared, global shipping delays have continued to put a strain on supply chains with no letting up. During the second half of last year, devastating floods in Europe and China made shipping delays even worse. Key transportation routes saw damage and the flood waters even wrecked warehouses.

In addition to COVID-19 lockdowns and adverse weather, the global economy is still dealing with the ongoing shipping container shortage. According to, roughly 90% percent of the world’s goods are transported by sea with over 70% as containerized cargo. In addition, demand for shipping containers currently outweigh supply, which means higher costs for shipping.

When you take everything listed above into consideration, consumers can expect supply chain problems and shipping delays to persist.

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