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Your Canadian Amazon order removal service - let us deal with it

We’ll take care of getting your inventory out of Amazon’s warehouses and back to you.
You know that unsold inventory sitting in an Amazon warehouse costs is an unnecessary expense. It triggers FBA long-term storage fees that go as high as US$22.50 per cubic foot! The smart business decision is to get your product out of their warehouse, into our warehouse in Vancouver, Canada and back to you. Evolution Fulfillment offers you a place to land your goods, avoiding inventory fees and penalties while we arrange to get the product back to you in the most cost-effective or fastest manner possible.

What it costs

Just handling, materials and freight.
Besides saving on the expense of keeping your product in an Amazon fulfillment center, the costs of Evolution Fulfillment’s Amazon order removal service are minimal: just handling, materials (for example, pallets, shrink wrap) and freight. It’s important to note that because of our shipping volume and vendor relationships, we are able to negotiate better freight rates than you would likely get on your own.

Get started immediately

Once you’ve signed an agreement with Evolution Fulfillment, simply contact Amazon Seller Central and inform them to ship your product to us.
Amazon will ship your goods to our secure Canadian warehouses in Delta, BC, Canada or to our American warehouse near Seattle, WA, USA. We then arrange the best freight solution to get your goods back to you as quickly or as cheaply as possible, depending on your needs.

Interested in Amazon FBA or full-service 3PL?

We’re not JUST a Canadian Amazon order removal company , we also offer a complete Amazon FBA service and complete 3PL services. 
We have such confidence in the fairness of our Amazon FBA pricing that we invite you to compare Evolution Fulfillment’s Amazon FBA fees versus that of our close Amazon FBA competitors.

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