Case Study: Gentle Fawn

Overpromised and underserviced, Danny & Carla were frustrated enough to seek out a better third party logistics company for their warehousing and distribution needs. What they ended up with was a more efficient business and more money in the bank.

The results?

Better technology, cost savings and improved service gave Family Business a more profitable and efficient business.
Saved ~20% from outsourcing administration.
True IT integration between warehouse and Family Business reduced administration, streamlined reporting and increased the both quality and speed of key information.
Realized 100% verification on all inbound and outbound product.
Contracted SLA regarding delivery expectations and peak period staffing gave brand peace of mind on hitting delivery dates.

The backstory - in Danny's own words

"Prior to moving our goods to Evolution Fulfillment we had used two other warehouses to manage our third party logistics needs. Both of the facilities were very large and at times, we felt that, due to the volumes, the timelines surrounding the servicing of our product fell behind the larger brands. The other warehouses that we dealt with did not process our inventory as promised, we were promised 100% verification of all inbound product and had paid for that service, but found out later that that only a percentage of the inbound product had been verified. We had also been promised that our commodities would be processed within certain timelines but quite often during peak seasons timelines were not met. We were also promised that staff would be available after hours and on weekends, but when this service was required, it was not available.

The biggest problem was that the warehouses IT was not compatible with our IT and they didn’t have a plan to integrate it in a way that would work for us. So this caused a lot of extra work and duplication of work.”

The Evolution solution - in Danny's own words

“When we moved all of the product over to Evolution Fulfillment , Evolution Fulfillment guaranteed 100% verification of all inbound and outbound product, Evolution Fulfillment provided Service Level Agreements letting us know exactly what to expect and has been able to meet all of the SLA expectations through effective communication with our Production Team. By reaching out to our team prior to the busy season, Evolution Fulfillment has staffed accordingly to ensure that all SLA’s are met.

Evolution Fulfillment has scheduled additional staff on evenings and weekends to meet important deadlines for us and feels just as responsible for the success of our business, as they do their own. Their programmers have worked tirelessly to ensure that our IT is compatibly integrated, allowing us to manage our business more efficiently.

When we moved our Accounting, Accounts Receivable and Credit Management over to Evolution Fulfillment, we saved approximately 20% in administrative costs from having the staff in house. Evolution’s Accounts Receivable team focuses on managing healthy customer relationships with a continued focus on ensuring that we have been paid.”